About me


I’m a photographer by passion, and maybe a little to predestination, and work with emotions is my attitude.

When I was 8 years old I thumbed through the magazines my mother and I dwell only on the pictures, I was kidnapped by the colors, the beauty, from the looks
and tore the pages, and was accumulating. At 16 years the house was invaded by the piles of torn pages.

They are mother and wife, the family is the driving force of my life, perpetualstimulus to improvement, vehicle magnet of love and of powerful emotions.

All my life I wondered the meaning of my hyper sensitivity and my empathy. Sonwas for me a bag uncomfortable and heavy, at an age when I could control and notin a world dominated by superficiality.

Then I realized. I put together the pieces of the puzzle and I found my way and myway.

Pictures + Family + Emotions = Emotional Photography

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